Leaving Lofoten


We arrived at the ferry the evening before our next day departure, just to check its schedule.
We hoped to see the ferry keeping the schedule for that evening and to find out if it comes for sure the next day when we leave the islands.

We waited and the ferry didn’t appear.

Two large trucks were also waiting. Not knowing what to do I went to one of the drivers and asked him what was going on. He wasn’t sure,  but he gave me a phone number from the ferry information center. I called and I was informed that next morning the ferry arrives and leaves back to Bodø at 8, which complicated a bit our return schedule.

Just to remind you, this was our return schedule:

Leave the islands at 7 in the morning for Bodø, where we arrive at 11:30. Then, we cross the city to catch the flight for Oslo (Widerøe) from 12:30 to 14:30. From Oslo, we were to take a flight at 16:00 to Frankfurt and from there, after a short break, the final flight to Bucharest where we arrive at midnight. So, to miss a flight wasn’t the most fortunate event that could happen.


From the ferry in Moskenes we drove back to our cabin in Tind. On the way, our minds created different scenarios, each more absurd than the other, like driving all night to get back to the continent or sleeping in the car at the ferry in Moskenes, hoping to appear.

With so many different thoughts crossing our minds and especially the fear of losing the first flight from Bodø, we missed Tind and woke up in the big parking lot from A, the last little village at the south of the islands.
We simply didn’t know how we got there, me and my friend Alin, we just look at each other with surprise and started laughing by the unexpected situation.

Next morning we were at the ferry at 7. At 8, the ferry left for Bodø. We arrived on the continent at 12, with only 30 minutes to cross the city.
Our taxi driver drove fast and we managed to catch the flight to Oslo. Losing that flight meant losing the other 2 flights to Frankfurt and Bucharest and the only available option was to take the train for a day and a night to Oslo and from there, an expensive flight back to Bucharest.

We were lucky again and took only wonderful memories from Lofoten.


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