Why Rome?


Rome is one of those big European cities chosen by many tourists for a short city break.

But, can you visit Rome in just a few days? I don’t think so.

No place in the world can be seen and understood in just a few days, especially Rome, one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

If all you want is a short city break, go see Fontana di Trevi and the Colosseum and don’t read any further.

But if you look for a little more, the following articles will give you a glimpse of the imperial Rome, will tell you more about Michelangelo, will present you the Dacian emperors of the Romans and will take you on a visit to a remarkable church.

Shortly, the following articles:

  • Will take you on a walk outside Rome, on Via Appia, to see the famous ruins of the imperial Rome and the Christian catacombs.
  • Will present the main works of art of Michelangelo in sculpture, painting and architecture in Rome, in the Renaissance years.
  • Will tell you why the Dacian emperors were important for the Romans.
  • Will take you to a great place – Basilica San Clemente – where 3 churches from different periods stand one above the other and reflect the religious evolution of Rome.

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