How to get to the Lofoten Islands


Norway is a big country and with a limited budget, I considered visiting only one important area to explore. I don’t think it’s a good idea to visit 10 days in 3 days or other such adventures.

And since I read about the Lofoten Islands, my mind searched for a way to see those places as soon as possible.

I knew a double room in Norway can cost about 100 euros for a night and I realized that if I want to get there as cheap as possible, I should arrive in Lofoten as soon as possible. So, I looked for a flight to get me to Oslo early in the morning and to leave back to Bucharest late in the evening. I managed to find the necessary flights at Lufthansa, although both were doing a short stop at Munchen and Frankfurt.

We left at 7 from Bucharest and arrived at 12:30 in Oslo. To return, we left Oslo at 16:00 and arrived in Bucharest at midnight.

From Oslo to Bodø we had 2 options: take the train for a day and a night or a flight for 2 hours. Although using the train meant seeing Norway (from the train), it was quite difficult and because I was in a hurry to get to Lofoten, I took a flight from Widerøe. The departure to Bodø was at 12:30 and we arrived at 14:45. Returning from Bodø to Oslo, we left at 12:30 and arrived at 14:30.

From Bodø to the Lofoten Islands, we had again 2 options. One was with the plane to Leknes (Widerøe), which was at about 65 km from our final destination, the southern part of the Lofoten Islands. And the second option (which we took) was with the ferry from Bodø to Moskenes, which instead of taking 40 minutes as it did with a plane, took 4 hours and a half.
From Bodø to Moskenes, the ferry left everyday at 16:00 and arrived at 20:30. And back to the continent, it left Moskenes at 7 and arrived at 11:30 in Bodø.
Moskenes is at about 10 km from Tind, the small fishing village where we found our accommodation.

This way, the flights were connected with the ferry and we should have arrived safe and sound at our destination, without any unpredicted events.

Well, I can say that we had no problem with our flights, but the ferry is another story.


Recommendation: Don’t take the ferry unless you have time…a lot of time! For us, it created many issues. On the way to the islands, instead of arriving at 20:30, we arrived the next day at 7 in the morning.

And back, instead of leaving at 7 in the morning from Moskenes, it left at 8 and we almost missed our flight arriving at the last moment in the Bodø airport.

If you still want to take the ferry (and it is summer and you have time), this is their website:

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