Free meals in Lofoten


As we all know, Norway is expensive.

From food (and drink) to various trips and accommodation options, it is difficult to find a double room or a touristic trip for less than 100 euros. For this reason, all the free stuff in Norway should be fully appreciated. So, let’s start with the main course.

What can we eat for free in Lofoten?

This is easy: Fish! The famous arctic Norwegian cod is caught in this period of the year and they hang it all over the islands, from the nearby fishing villages to the interior of the islands. With so much wind, you just walk under the hung fish and you find many of them on the ground. We took some of them, kept them in water for about 2 days to regain their humidity and then cooked them.

Where can we eat something sweet?

In this case, you can go to Å, the little village at the southern part of the islands and at the touristic center, you may find coffee and chocolate for free.
It’s not something official, we just noticed no one says anything if we take some. Of course, we purchased a few souvenirs and a few jars of jam from them, just to be OK. Regarding the jam, some of it is made of local berries that are rich in vitamin C. From the same place you may take cod liver oil rich in vitamin D and Omega 3.

While visiting the fishing museum from Å, we were approached by an old man, probably a teacher, who told us a bit about the history of the islands and about the difficult life people had there. He also told us how important those jams with vitamin C were for the people and especially the fish oil rich in vitamin D, which helped them in the dark periods of the year. As we know, the best source for vitamin D is the natural light.

Where can we eat some delicious oranges?

Well, this can be done at one of the 2 (or 3) shops from Sørvågen. In this shop, in the fruits area, there are oranges cut for the customers. We couldn’t believe how good those oranges were! I really mean it. They were great and I don’t remember eating oranges so good in Romania in the last years. We took oranges because we always purchased other goods from there, so we weren’t all that bad.


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