Why Montenegro?

1.Montenegro 414_kotor_mn

Why would like anyone to visit a country located between Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania and Serbia?

This is easy. Montenegro will take your breath away.

It has anything you may want to get away from your everyday life and even more, compared to any other country, all the main attractions are to be found on a relatively small territory.

So, let’s see shortly what can be seen there:

Lovcen National Park, where you can find, somewhere at the top of the mountain, the mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos, the greatest ruler and poet from Montenegro who lived in the 19th century.

2.Montenegro 2123_mausoleu

Durmitor National Park, where you can find the canyon of Tara river, the second in the world after The Great Canyon from the United States.

3.Montenegro 1580_tara

Fjords, like the ones in Norway, in the Gulf of Kotor.

4.Montenegro 430

Lake Skadar, at the border with Albania, with its mini-delta full of various birds, but where you can also find an old turkish prison in ruins.

5.Montenegro 024_Skadar

Old cities and citadels built by the Venetians, such as Kotor:

6.Montenegro 438

Or Perast:

7.Montenegro 748

Ostrog monastery, and the crazy road you need to take to get there.

8.Montenegro 1709_Ostrog

And not to forget, the Mediterranean Sea (Adriatic Sea) which is as wonderful as in Greece or Turkey.


In case you are in the Gulf of Kotor or near the sea, you will be pretty close to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Till there, you’ll be driving for 2 or 3 hours and after some time in Dubrovnik, you’ll still have the time to return to Montenegro.

9.Montenegro 1117_dubrovnik

The following articles will present some of the attractions above in more details.

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